Why did the chicken cross the road? …Oh, okay.

Why did the chicken cross the road? …Oh, okay.

I’ve been wondering the answer to why the chicken crossed the road. This is the reality of it… I never knew.

No more stories for nao plz. A business-like job?

No more stories for nao plz. A business-like job?

And I’ve been trying to think of a realistic story that I can relate to. It’s SO HARD SRSLY. I dont even know why I’m doing this either. Eh… I feel like I should stop thinking of stories and just relax… in a way.

But other than stories, I’ve been watching business-ish shows. They’re so interesting, especially this K-drama I’ve been looking into. Cunning Single Lady.

I honestly don’t have a job yet SO it’s nice to see the effort everyone is putting in doing their jobs and how they didn’t know how much they liked it until… later? I dont even know! I wanna be a business woman! It looks so fun for some reason. BUSINESS.

I want to do that, and not the other stuff, like working in the hospital — I hate blood and needles and all that crazy stuff! If I were to do fashion, or music, or art as a job, it wouldn’t be as fun for me, because I like it as just a hobby. I don’t want to do what I like to do (for relaxation) as a job! That would ruin liek, erreTHANG. I mean, doing business seems fun, but I can’t see myself doing that as a hobby, yo. A JOB. Job. Yes, job.

I don’t like being told what to do, so I’d rather make an at-home business… if there is such a thing. There has to be! I would rather be chilling at home, get up in the morning at whatever time, then do my job, no pressure!

Ok, I will see. Yes. Ok.

I just can’t stop thinking of “him!”

I just can’t stop thinking of “him!”

UGH. I can’t stop thinking about this guy I’m totally crushing on right now! He’s such a good guy! I don’t care about his looks even though a lot of girls totally think he’s hot (well, it’s true that he is). He’s much older than me though. Is 7 years apart much older anyway!? He’s like my older bro… BUT I’M CRUSHING ON HIM! Damnit.

I dreamt he was my boyfriend and we were shy looking at each other and holding hands UGH. LOL It’s so cute, like first love. Or puppy love? It seemed like something out of a shoujo manga! I was dreaming about it instead of reading it though!

He’s so tall though! I want him to carry me like I’m a baby. I WANT HIM TO BABY ME! LOL

I’m really NOT a tall person. Compared to all of my friends, I’m the smallest. And compared to all of my real brother’s friends, the guy I like is the tallest! Haha.

Like in this picture, the two of us when we first met were sort of turned away while talking to each other LOL but I was happy.

I was hanging out with my brothers friends and the only person out of all his friends who talked to me is him. He’s so nice! He’s so cute!

It was so adorable when he bent down to ask if I was okay.

Are you okay?
Yeah… I’m fine.
Are you sure!?
You sure?
I’m sooooooooooo crushin on you!! (that’s not what I said irl)

He said he’s probably gonna go to Anime Expo. I really want to see him there, because I’M GOING TOO DAMNIT!! We were in the same car the day I first NOTICED that he’s friggin cute (he saw me for the first time 2 years ago), and he was even talking about going too. And he’s so cute how enthusiastic he is about it all like, “it’s so cool to see the stuff there! I can’t wait to go!”

PLEASE GO. And please MAY I ALSO GO. To see him. ONLY. I don’t even care about buying anything at Anime Expo. I mean, it’s nice looking at everything but I wanna be with him instead of paying attention to anything else around me!

This is bad. What if he has a girlfriend!? I always end up liking guys with girlfriends and it TOTALLY SUCKS! Then the guys who are totally not my type are the ones who are like…

Um, no thanks. SEE YAH, BITCH.

No, I didn’t say that. That would be mean. LOL but when I was in junior high, some guy send me a note saying, “I like you, can you go out with me?” I made a really mean facial expression, saying “EW, GROSS, GO AWAY NAO.”

Also, at one point during my crush on “him” ……..

I SUDDENLY am nottt attracted to him anymore
…Are you really? THAT ISN’T A LIE!?
*dreams of being his girlfriend*

LOL I thought of him for a few days still wondering if me liking him was just… my imagination. I don’t think it was! But yeah, on May 13, I SUDDENLY had a really big crush on him that I couldn’t sleep all night. All I was doing was sighing a lot and listening to cute romantic songs from anime while thinking of him. From that point on, I was even watching romance anime like Say I love you, My little monster, Hiyokoi, and even some romance drama like Switch girl, and Boys over flowers.

GAH FRIGGIN…. Let me see you again. NAO. He’s my brother’s friend. Is it a bad thing to like him? To even dream of being in a relationship with my brother’s friend seems kind of wrong, doesn’t it!? It’s almost like forbidden love… OH WELL! Forbidden love is a total turn on damnit!

Okay. I’ll stop. FOR NOW.

A site to practice programming!

A site to practice programming!

I’m recently getting into programming more than I have before! So, I checked out some places where I can learn a little more python. I don’t know why… BUT I LOVE PYTHON DAMNIT!!

The place I go to is called Codecademy. I never knew learning programming could be this fun! Okay, I’m sounding weird for some reason like an advertisement. BUT STILL. Even though I’m going to take an actual programming class in June, I couldn’t wait anymore…

Yeeesss….. I’m going to take a programming class on coursera. I read through a little bit of the book pdf and it looks good so far. But aside from python, I still like the other stuff like html/css stuff!

I remember when I was around 11 years old or something, I liked making random sites for myself on some sort of web making place. I think I got interested in it because of some interesting Neopets sites like the user fluttergork. Did some… uhhh HTML/CSS. GAWD IT’S SO FUN. The most boring-est sounding stuff happens to be fun. I’M SORRY I CAN’T STAHP.

I’m taking classes again after so long!

I’m taking classes again after so long!

There’s this site called Coursera and it’s really cool… online classes from different universities. Fun classes too. Honestly, I’d rather take these than go back to an actual college!

The one’s I’m about to take are about online games (might play some Lord of the Rings online!) and the syllabus for 2014 (I don’t know if it would be the same as the 2015 syllabus though…), then I’m also taking one about programming (python). Really excited about both! But… since I’m so lazy, I might end up taking one of them damnit.

My dad would probably be angry I’m taking these, because he wanted me to read something else. But it’s so boooorrrinnngg that I feel like I need to get motivated to do some Lumosity games. WOOT.

They’re liek 2TLY FUN YO!
B-but dad will get angry…
WHO CARES. You like to do this SO, GO, BITCH!!

Okay… I’ll hope to read what he wanted me to read when I have motivation… sometime soon.

This erotica is … kind of funny.

This erotica is … kind of funny.

I’m reading a visual novel on my tablet called “Devil in my Arms” and it’s so ridiculous. It just started too. I’m reading the lines and I’m like. WTF. It doesn’t seem realistic at all. Oh yea, it’s not supposed to be… it’s just a visual novel…

So, the main character is a girl and she’s at the club with her friend. You meet a guy there and you get really drunk already by just one drink. He takes you to a room to rest, and he was like, “Shall we… fuck?”

NO, BITCH *bitch slap*
oh wait I’m supposed to be drunk YES PLEASE

Now, I’m reading a sex scene and the main character is like… “We don’t make love. We simply fuck.” Oh gawd this is killing me LOL ok just stahp. STAHP.

Birthday coming soon. Now, why am I hungry again?

Birthday coming soon. Now, why am I hungry again?

Gawd my birthday is coming up soon. I don’t even know what to do. I already told my friends we’ll go out, but I don’t know where… hmm… I always plan things. Where to go, what time, what date, what to wear… UGH idiot. I think this time, I’d rather just go. Just… GO.

I feel like I haven’t seen them in forever when it’s only been a few weeks. Every time I see them, I feel comfortable acting like a bitch towards them and they bitch at me back. But it just means I love them so much! They’re my bestest friends!

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